What are Codies?

Codies are points that you get by doing what you love, by learning and checking out content on this site. Codies stands for coding. This site is all about software engineering and coding. The more you do it the more Codies you have.

How do you get Codies?

You get Codies by logging into the web site and working on these tutorials, by commenting and by inviting others to check out this course as well.

Instance Amount Limit
Codies for becoming a member 50 -
Codies for site visit 5 -
Codies for Approved Comment 10 Maximum 10 times per post
Codies for referring a visitor 5 Maximum 10 times per day
Codies for referring a new member 100 Maximum 5 times per day
Codies for submitting form (i.e. newsletter) 20 Maximum once in total
Codies for being a member for a year 500 -

What do you get with Codies?

At this point, Codies are just experimental feature and they are here to show you how active you are.

Second step will be introduction of badges, which you can gather, depending on your progress with courses.

Finally, if this experimental feature is accepted by users, there will be premium content available in exchange for Codies.I have a strong believe that education should be available for everyone. Essentially, I want you to be able to earn your content by learning, and not only by paying for it.

Your invite link

The fastest way to earn Codies is to invite your friends to check out content on this site. It costs nothing, you will do them a favor and you will get some fast Codies boost.

Your Codies invite link is: https://milanlatinovic.com0

Your Codies balance

Total amount of your Codies is:

Your Codies report

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