TimeTac project – smart and flexible time tracking

In TimeTac, I was a member of a multicultural and multidisciplinary team. In the beginning, I was a Senior Software Engineer, mainly in charge of building new modules for TimeTac, security improvements, features such as “Acess Credentials Vault”, and new endpoints for TimeTac public Rest API.

During this time, I demonstrated a passion for solving complex customer problems, mainly related to enterprise integrations. Furthermore, I can share knowledge efficiently, build meaningful business processes, and lead teams. It resulted in my promotion to Lead Integration Engineer.

As Lead Integration Engineer, I was primarily responsible for designing, developing, testing, and deploying complex, distributed, automated solutions. In addition, helping enterprise customers incorporate TimeTac into their workflows and integrate with their data banks.

I will not disclose the exact customers or specific solutions we delivered, but I can describe the most exciting events, technologies, and problems we solved.

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TimeTac Connect

TimeTac Connect is the project I am most proud of when it comes to the TimeTac team.

With the CEO at the time, I created “TimeTac Connect” from scratch, defined requirements, designed software architecture, developed, tested, created release pipelines, and supported—an in-house built framework for data integration between TimeTac and enterprise customers. In addition, we automated SSO and User Provisioning processes.

First, we supported Azure, ADFS, and GSuite, introducing more complex data integrations and workflows connecting to Microsoft Navision, Atlassian products, and SAP exports. The project was a huge success, onboarding enterprise customers with 1000s of licenses. In addition, we introduced new technical support, requirements gathering, and enterprise consultancy processes. Increased income and sales opportunities resulted in 2 new developer hires dedicated to this project.

What started as a one-person project became an enterprise-level integration framework, hiring a whole integration team and successfully delivering data to TimeTac customers of all sizes and use cases.

Most interesting activities:

  • We are automating user creation and master data maintenance between Azure and TimeTac.
  • Automating provisioning between GSuite and TimeTac
  • Automating provisioning between ADFS and TimeTac
  • Automating connectivity and data provisioning between LDAP systems and TimeTac
  • Absence management and automation between various HR solutions and TimeTac
  • Integration of proprietary SAP solution experts to work in sync with TimeTac features such as time tracking, project management, and time tracking.
  • Consulting customers on how to design their software and enterprise architecture to integrate and synchronize their data banks
  • Automating API generation for TimeTac API

Hiring process and building our integration team from scratch

As Lead Integration Engineer, I participated hiring process, onboarding new team members, and coaching and mentoring. It was a fantastic experience, meeting different profiles of people with different expectations and ideas. The hiring process at TimeTac time was friendly and entirely hands-on. We encouraged candidates to show us what they know and communicate their expectations and interests.

TimeTac was a very healthy environment both for onboarding and growth. This environment, my hiring approach, and my mentorship style resulted in fantastic stories. For example, Anna Kastner was my mentee. After onboarding, she successfully joined the core development team for Connect. After I decided to move to the next project, she successfully assumed a leadership role after me.

Large scale accounting and invoicing system migration

With the help of our CFO, we successfully migrated invoicing system for our whole product from a custom-built to an enterprise-level invoicing solution. The result was automated invoicing, simplified accounting, and a significant decrease in accounting issues. In addition, we designed a modular system capable of introducing new payment roles and models, which supported future scalability and growth.

Automated API documentation generator, 100s hours/per month automated

Successfully automated API documentation generation, combining data from controllers, legacy code, database description, entities, and ORM definitions. The result was a system that successfully generated 30k lines of OpenAPI code on each TimeTac API release! As a result, we saved 100s of hours/per month of manual work, errors, bug fixes, and support related to inconsistent documentation.


TimeTac is an online time tracking software, with fantastic features. Smart and flexible time tracking, employee time tracking, project time tracking and leave management. It also comes with various integrations with other software and hardware solutions.

My roles: Senior Software Engineer; Lead Integration Engineer

Impact: New features; Optimizations; Legacy code improvements; Test suites improvements; Maintenance; Database design and optimization; Security improvements and credentials management; Team building; Consulting; Significant measurable financial growth.