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This is a list of several interesting projects that I was involved into. These projects are different in scopes and sizes.

TimeTac Connect

TimeTac Connect is a custom made framework based on ETL (Extract – Transform – Load) concept. It represents a baseline for developing data integrations between various sources. TimeTac Connect has ability to Extract data from various sources (Rest APIs, SFTPs, SQL databases, FileSystem, etc.), then transform this data with predefined modules (or custom built ones) and finally Load them to any data source and generate a proper integration report.

Learn more about TimeTac company and products.

OpenAPI Generator

The Swagger generator is a code-generator component which generates OpenAPI 3.0 specification by combining data from several sources (Core Controller Classes, Database descriptions, Entities, ORM mappings). The main goal of this generator is to enable reverse API architecture, where we apply approach “Features/Code first, API specification later”. My role(s): Concept creator and developer.

Learn more about TimeTac company and products.

WP Chrono

WPChrono is a pet project (simple WordPress plugin) which enables Content Time Management within a WordPress site, with usage of predefined shortcodes.
This plugin is WPML compatible and available for free within WordPress plugin repository.

The Service provider (SP) for electronic certificates and digital identities (AIDRSCA)

The Service provider (SP) for electronic certificates and digital identities (AIDRSCA), within AISRS. This was a 10+ team members and 1-year timeframe project. This SP provided certificates for digital signatures and encryption based on Entrust solution combined with HSM modules and devices.
My role: product owner and team leader

Register of ICT projects in the public administration of Republic of Srpska

Register of ICT projects is a digital register of projects and public spendings in the Republic of Srpska. This is C# .NET based web service which is gathering various information about ICT projects, KPIs and visually represents them as reports available within the public domain.
My role: database architect and developer