Register of ICT projects in the public administration

Register of ICT projects in the public administration of RS is a digital register of projects and public spending. This web service is gathering different information about information and communication projects. For example, this service shows data about public spending in predefined reports. Additionally, it presents a cumulative data about most common projects.

This project was build in C# .NET technology.,

I was a database architect and developer in this project.

Register of ICT projects in the public administration challenges

Firstly, we had to create a methodology to structure documents. This was the biggest challenge of Register of ICT projects in the public administration. Then, we had to write a technical specifications and ask a right questions. In example, different institutions had different format of documents, projects, plans and reports. We had to come up with a proper way to structure this different data and store it within database.

Secondly, we had to develop a prototype software to enable entry of this data. Additionally, users of this software were not technically savvy so we had to adopt best UX practices. Furthermore, we had to make our frontend interface as intuitive as possible. For example, we had to make lots of smart helpers which would provide hints on how to properly populate data fields.

Finally, we had to secure data and provide a predefined reports. For example, we had 20+ predefined reports which provided answers to common questions. Some of these questions were related to how many finances were spent, etc.