The Service provider for electronic certificates and digital identities (AIDRSCA)

The Service provider for electronic certificates provided electronic certificates to its customers.

Electronic certificates are used to provide digital identity to its owners. They can be used for digital signature, encryption or advanced proof of identity (depending on the certificate type).

Electronic certificates Service Provider (ECSP)

This project was a big implementation of digital certificates authority. I was a part of the team which implemented a digital certificates service.

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This service provided electronic certificates. These certificates were used for digital signatures. One idea was to use similar certificates for security purposes in future.

Firstly, goal of the project was to implement infrastructure which can generate digital certificates. Secondly, electronic services would use these certificates. For example, tax administration office wanted to use certificates for their SAP system. Furthermore, goal was that any public institution can have digital certificates issued. Finally, project goal was to make better regulative for electronic services. We did this by closely working with ministries in charge of electronic regulations.

We accomplished this project by providing a technological environment where services can utilize electronic certificates.

Multiple teams were involved in this project.

Time-frame of this project was one year for implementation and one year for the first results.

What is a digital certificate?

The service provider for electronic certificates provides users with public key certificate. This is also known as a digital certificate or identity certificate. This certificate represents an electronic document used to prove identity and ownership.

Essentially, owner of the certificate gets combination of public and private key. Public key can be publicly distributed while private key should be kept only by owner. Optionally, private key can be protected with password or stored on a secure device.

Furthermore, owner of digital certificate is able to sign a document with his certificate, proving the ownership of that document.

Standard used for digital certificates is called X.509, where certificates are created with X.509 v3 and lists of revoked certificates (CRL lists) are created according to X.509 v2 standard.

My role: product owner and team leader