Hey, I'm Milan. 👋

I am a software engineer with technical leadership experience. I contributed to teams and projects such as Codeable, TimeTac, apilayer, eversign, Invoicely, ZeroSSL, and Apryse. I held different positions, including Head of IT Engineering, Lead Integration Engineer, and Enterprise Architect.

In short, I love building reliable software systems and teams while considering business, social, and technical aspects.

What I Do

Software Engineering

Tech stacks come and go; they change from project to project. What I see as a constant is my love for solving complex problems and understanding how technical and social systems work. As simple as that. I enjoy creating or improving existing features and processes while building strong, united, compassionate teams. I value well-informed and, ideally, data-driven decisions.
Throughout 15+ years in software development, I had an opportunity to support digital transformations; design PKI and CA systems; design, develop, release, and maintain many different products; scale features of a growing SaaS; automate and implement complex API-driven integrations. All this while working with marvelous and brilliant individuals from all over the world.

Technical Leadership

I have experience leading software development teams of up to 10 people with a proven track record. Successful feature delivery resulted in company growth and new hires. With team growth came a necessity for mentoring and coaching, which I enjoyed.
Mediated technical requirements between teams or companies. For example, helping sales, marketing, and tech teams define architecture requirements for the new feature; design and developing KPIs with CFO. More complex topics were large-scale integrations between different products to cross-sell. Again, recognizing and classifying various solutions by complexity was crucial here.

Contributed to Teams

Research and Publications

Automation and Artificial Intelligence in Software Engineering: Experiences, Experiences, Challenges, and Opportunities - Proceedings of the 54th Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, HICSS 2021 · Jan 8, 2021

Rethinking Authorization Management of Web-APIs - 2020 IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications (PerCom) · Jun 29, 2020