How to speedup WordPress website under 0.8 seconds

How to speedup WordPress website under 0.8s?

How to speedup WordPress website? This is commonly asked question, with lots of different approaches and various experiences. A few months ago I have reactivated my personal blog. Yes, the one you are reading right now. I am trying to write high quality technical articles. However, I also want to make my web site technically…

Object pool design pattern

Object pool design pattern – Learn design patterns

Object pool design pattern is concept which essentially propose reuse of existing objects, instead of creating lots of new ones. Object pool design pattern belongs to the category of creational design patterns. Within this pattern category we have: Factory patternAbstract factory patternSingleton patternPrototype patternBuilder patternObject pool pattern This pattern is used in a situations where…

Prototype design pattern

Prototype design pattern is used when we want to create one object which can be used as a template (prototype) for creation of some other objects. Prototype pattern is one of the creational patterns (because it indicates a way of how we create objects). Creational patterns are: Factory pattern, Abstract factory pattern, Singleton pattern, Prototype…

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TimeTac Connect

TimeTac Connect represents an in-house built framework (based on ETL concept) for data integration between different data sources. Connect core is a set of predefined components developed as a “Lego bricks” system. These components are used to create complex data-flow processes based on APIs, databases (MySQL, MsSQL), file exchanging via SFTP and predefined structures (JSON, XML, CSV) or custom data handlers.

My role(s): Concept creator, software/solution architect, and developer

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OpenAPI Generator

The OpenApi generator is a code-generator component which generates OpenAPI 3.0 specification by combining data from several sources (Core Controller Classes, Database descriptions, Entities, ORM mappings).
The main goal of this generator is to enable reverse API architecture, where we apply approach “Features/Code first, API specification later”.
My role(s): Concept creator and developer.


AuthMicroservice is boilerplate code for REST service that handles authentication and authorization for users. The service provides the following functionality, provided as API endpoints.

-> PHP framework Lumen
-> MySQL with Eloquent as a ORM
-> Each distinct functionality as a separate API endpoint
-> Sessions (and their tokens) as well as granted permissions are saved in a database

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WP Chrono

WPChrono is a pet project (simple WordPress plugin) which enables Content Time Management within a WordPress site, with usage of predefined shortcodes.

This plugin is WPML compatible and available for free within WordPress plugin repository.

Course Object Oriented programming in Java

This is a 50 example course on Java development (Serbian only).

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Course Internet Programming in Java

This is a 20 lessons course for JSP, JSF and Rest services in Java.

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The Service provider (SP) for electronic certificates and digital identities (AIDRSCA)

The Service provider (SP) for electronic certificates and digital identities (AIDRSCA), within AISRS. This was a 10+ team members and 1-year timeframe project. This SP provided certificates for digital signatures and encryption based on Entrust solution combined with HSM modules and devices.
My role: product owner and team leader