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Clean Code Rules: Improve quality of your code

Clean Code Rules is a proposal of common sense rules. They are easy to follow and can improve quality of your code. Therefore, if you work as a developers and architect, you should be aware of them. Here is a common use case. You are finished with writing your technical specifications and estimates. Now you…


Writing technical specifications and estimates

Writing technical specifications is a very common requirement if you work as integrator, solution architect or technical manager. Usual process is quite simple. Management of your company want’s to introduce something new. For example, new feature of your software or user story. On the other hand, you might have to integrate external API to your…

how to learn a new programming language

How to Learn a New Programming Language or Concept

How to Learn a New Programming Language or Framework is a very common question. We all experience the same challenges when challenged with new technology. If you work as a software engineer you will always have to learn new stuff. For example, you will need to learn programming language, new technology or simply a new…

rest api tutorial what is api rest vs restfull

REST API tutorial – What is API? REST vs RESTful?

This article is a REST API tutorial, which will guide you through the main concepts of REST. Also, this tutorial includes vocabulary and examples related to REST. Firstly, we will go trough the basic concepts. Secondly, we will learn about vocabulary used in API world. Finally, we will talk some more about RESTful API and…


Incredible growth in Python interest made it one of the most popular programming languages. Widely used in web development, integrations, data scraping, economics, architecture and network automatization.



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