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Milan is an extremely talented individual with a positive attitude, can-do approach, and a great breadth of technical knowledge. Milan’s ability to solve complex problems in highly dynamic business environments make him an asset to any team, and a must have in “crunch-time”. It was a pleasure working with Milan, and I look forward to future opportunities to work together. Branko Dumanovski, Head of Department @ Civil Service Agency of Republic of Srpska

Branko Dumanovski
Branko Dumanovski

Milan provides a first class service, he is extremely knowledgeable and very analytical. He has diagnosed some complicated issues with our WooCommerce site and produced clear instructions for our developers to follow to resolve the issues. Paul Elliott,

Paul Elliot 1
Paul Elliott

First and most importantly, Milan is one great professional and reliable colleague. He has exceptional both technical and soft skills, which makes him a good choice as a reliable team member for any information technology related project(s). Finally, his constant interest in the deep understanding of business processes and procedures, combined with good technical background makes him a well rounded professional. Mikica Mitrovic, Network Development Engineer at Amazon

mikica mitrovic
Mikica Mitrovic

Milan is a great professional and really pleasant to work with. He has massive knowledge in the IT sector and, from my direct experience, namely about ecommerce platforms, WordPress, SEO, security certificates… But Milan’s contribution is not limited to this. He’s the ideal consultant in the deeper level. He’s constantly up-to-date with IT and digital marketing trends and will only advise you what is really good for you, in a very honest and genuine way. Milan has in fact become a colleague to us, even though formally he’s an “external WordPress consultant”. He really cares about the project, is very proactive in suggesting the best solution and puts a lot of enthusiastic effort on it. You will be impressed by the passion and knowledge he has and how naturally he will transmit these to you. Thanks to his baby-talk explanations, I now gained quite a good knowledge on more hidden aspects of WordPress. Milan’s communication skills are also exceptional, always sending us statuses updates and completing all tasks almost always in advance. He’s absolutely trustworthy, detailed and precise. Great person and consultant with hands-on mentality! Gloria Serafini, Omnichannel Project Manager – Online Flagship Stores at YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP

Gloria Serafini
Gloria Serafini

I can honestly say that I am glad that I meet Mr. Milan Latinovic as teaching assistant during my education on university. I especially appreciated his constructive criticism and prompt responses to student’s queries. He was always there for us when we needed advice, and he challenged us to be better students, which have been instrumental in achieving of our academic goals.I’ll always be grateful. Brankica Santrač, Sales Manager at Shimadzu d.o.o.

Brankica Santrac
Brankica SantračGraphic Designer