September 2020 - Present
eversign GmbH (Apryse)

Senior Software Engineer and Enterprise Architect

Building new features in coordination with sales, marketing, and management teams. Identifying relevant stakeholders and audiences, balancing technical and social aspects. Writing technical specifications, architecting, implementing, and testing. Delivering value to customers while monitoring and evaluating KPIs.

Created "Document Signer Multifactor Authentication" enabling our customers to identify via their Mobile devices in the electronic signing process. This feature increased the security and validity of our electronic signatures, generated trust among our customers, and helped sales to onboard enterprise customers.

Created "Automated Bulk Sending", providing our customers means to send large numbers of documents, automate their business processes, reduce repetitive work, and save time. This feature was a high-level sales request, resulting in a fantastic early adoption rate, onboarding of large customers, and side income enough to finance a new team member.

Migrated complete eversign user-base to our new email delivery servers. Along the way, we resolved legacy issues and introduced missing technical processes for handling bounced emails and fraud complaints. The result was optimal email delivery with 30-40% reduced cost as a bonus delivery.

Together with CFO designed and introduced a minimalistic in-house BI system. Desired and accomplished result was to measure various KPIs such as MRR, YRR, signup sources, daily sales statistics, integrations consumption sources, customer lifetime values, customer subscriptions lifetimes, etc. KPIs were then incorporated into daily processes, and adopted by sales and customer success teams; this resulted in cross-team knowledge share and increased general awareness of the possibilities we have for data-driven decisions.

January 2019 - August 2020
TimeTac GmbH

Lead Integration Engineer

Primarily in charge of designing, developing, testing, and deploying complex, distributed, automated solutions. Helping enterprise customers incorporate TimeTac into their workflows and integrate with their data banks.

Created "TimeTac Connect" from scratch, defined requirements with CEO, designed software architecture, developed, tested, created release pipelines, and supported. An in-house built framework for data integration between TimeTac and enterprise customers. We automated SSO and User Provisioning processes. Firstly supporting Azure, ADFS, and GSuite, introducing more complex data integrations and workflows connecting to Microsoft Navision, Atlassian products, and SAP exports. The project was a huge success, onboarding enterprise customers with 1000s of licenses. In addition, we introduced new technical support, requirements gathering, and enterprise consultancy processes. Increased income and sales opportunities resulted in 2 new developer hires dedicated to this project.

Participating hiring process, onboarding new team members, coaching, and mentoring. For example, Anna Kastner was my mentee. As a result, she successfully assumed a leadership role after me.

With the help of our CFO, we successfully migrated invoicing system for our whole product from a custom-built to an enterprise-level invoicing solution. The result was automated invoicing, simplified accounting, and a significant decrease in accounting issues. In addition, we designed a modular system capable of introducing new payment roles and models, which supported future scalability and growth.

Successfully automated API documentation generation, combining data from controllers, legacy code, database description, entities, and ORM definitions. The result was a system that successfully generated 30k lines of OpenAPI code on each TimeTac API release! As a result, we saved 100s of hours/per month of manual work, errors, bug fixes, and support related to inconsistent documentation.

December 2017 - January 2019
TimeTac GmbH

Senior Software Engineer

Being part of a multicultural and multidisciplinary team. Mainly in charge of building new modules for TimeTac, security improvements, features such as "Acess Credentials Vault", and new endpoints for TimeTac public Rest API.

Technical stack at the time was PHP (Symfony), MySQL, Doctrine as ORM, git, Docker, JIRA, BitBucket, Swagger, and Jenkins deployment scripts. Agile environment, Scrum for features, Kanban for technical support. Finally, client-side communication related to technical aspects of integration and high-end support.

July 2016 - December 2019

IT Consultant, part-time project-based

At Codeable, I was a team member with top-notch IT consultants. Only 2% of applicants were accepted as platform members, focusing on WordPress development. This role improved my
customer communication, requirements gathering, negotiation, and escalating, as well as my ability to rationalize and compromise when needed.

August 2011 - December 2018
Agency for Information Society RS

Head of Department for Engineering and Technical Support

My team contributed to the strategic planning and implementation of ICT projects, supporting the digital transformation of government services, private cloud provisioning, and information security. I was involved in planning, prioritizing, mentoring, hiring, evaluations, budget negotiation, appraisals, and revision.

We established complete infrastructure and processes for issuing electronic certificates and digital identities for government ministries. The project, worth 200,000 EUR, was implemented by a team of 10+ people. It resulted in a successful audit and being the first CA in the government registry to issue electronic signatures for qualified signatures! We accomplished our goal of being able to provide government institutions with qualified electronic signatures.

We provided technical leadership and steering for government ICT projects; participated in business and architectural decisions across 30+ projects, resulting in increased implementation success and a roughly 30% budget increase for our agency.

July 2009 - July 2011
Agency for Information Society RS

Software Engineer

I supported project management and legal teams in implementing new projects and maintaining existing ones. I was a team member responsible for maintaining our infrastructure, including Active Directory, Mail server, WSUS server, Hyper-V virtualization, and LAMP stack. In addition, we supported OpenData CKAN-based projects and maintained several WordPress sites for public institutions, including infrastructure for the President's office.

Created software architecture for and implemented RegIKT, a digital register of projects and public spending. It was a C# .NET-based web service gathering information about ICT projects within the public domain. 90% of targeted public institutions participated in the 1st year, successfully tracking and classifying millions of BAM of public spending.


2020 - Current
Technische Universität Graz

PhD in Computer Science

Computer Science, focus on communication within software development domain; automation and AI in software teams.

2009 - 2012
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University in Banja Luka

Master's degree in Computer and Information Sciences

Final paper "Modern methodology of implementing PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) in order to promote egovernment services".

Analysis of modern methodology for implementing PKI systems, the introduction of new concepts of PKI architecture, digital signatures and certificates. Analysis of the legal and technical aspects that define areas of PKI in order to define the basic requirements which is needed to establish a functional and legally valid PKI system. Comparative analysis of the PKI system in hiring environment with target-able defining of the framework and proposals for the establishment of a PKI system RS.

2004 - 2009
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University in Banja Luka

Bachelor in Information Systems

Sc. Eng. Electrical Engineering


May 2014
Government of Republic of Srpska

Coordination of rescuing civilians - Floods in Republic of Srpska

I volunteered in the team created to coordinate the rescue of civilians during the floods in the Republic of Srpska. In addition, the team created a 24/7 helpline to gather information about those in need. We created digital infrastructure, including a Facebook page and streamlined emails, which helped to coordinate helicopter rescue missions and organize and distribute aid for flooded areas.

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