TimeTac Connect – integration framework is a custom made framework based on ETL concept. ETL means extract, transform and then load. Meaning, extract data from one system, transform it to a proper form and load it to some other system. It represents a baseline for developing data integrations between various sources.

TimeTac Connect – integration framework has ability to Extract data from various sources (Rest APIs, SFTPs, SQL databases, FileSystem, etc.), then transform this data with predefined modules (or custom built ones) and finally Load them to any data source and generate a proper integration report.

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Why integrations?

Now days, companies are not trying to make all of the products they need. However, they outsource their needs to the other companies, for example software companies.

Firstly, bigger company will find a software to handle their accounting (finances, invoices, etc.). Secondly, company will need some kind of Human Resources software. Finally, company will want some kind of time tracking or project management software, which is what TimeTac offers.

Now, at one point company has several different IT solutions and they all work great. But, there is a problem. These solutions do not share data among themselves.

TimeTac Connect - integration framework
Everything exists, but in different places and not delivered in time.

As a result, HR department of the company has to copy-paste data all over the place. They have to ensure that data is correct and delivered in time.

This is very hard to accomplish manually and it consumes countless of hours. Furthermore, this also generates errors.

Best way to solve data connectivity and enable different data providers to talk together is to make integrations. Integrations will ensure that data is visible everywhere and delivered in time. We do this with TimeTac Connect – integration framework.

TimeTac Connect – integration framework challenges

The biggest challenge of building Connect framework was to make everything reusable. Meaning, we needed to define proper software architecture and utilize right patterns to make everything working properly.