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Senior PHP Engineer and Enterprise Architect at apilayer GmbH. Topics of interest: Software development, PHP, Java, Python, REST API, OpenApi, MySQL, Microservices, Integrations, Interfaces, Interoperability, Processes, Solution Architecture, LDAP, Azure

Code Review Best Practices: Code reviewing and being reviewed


This article is about the code review best practices. It explains code review from the common-sense perspective. If you do not want to read through the whole article take a look at the table of contents and the summary for a quick overview. What is a code review process? A code review is a process…

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Next Industrial revolution: What is ChatGPT? Will it replace jobs?

This article sheds some light related to the question will ChatGPT or AIs in general start replacing jobs and disturbing the industry as we know it. The inspiration for this article came sometime in the beginning of January 2023 after my LinkedIn got flooded with ChatGPT posts, apocalyptic Skynet prognoses, and hype about the new…

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Automation and AI in Software Engineering

Automation and Artificial Intelligence in Software Engineering

This article is about Automation and Artificial Intelligence in Software Engineering: Experiences, Challenges, and Opportunities. It represents a paper published at a highly ranked HAWAII INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SYSTEM SCIENCES (HICSS). This paper was written with great help and supervision of prof. Viktoria Pammer-Schindler. Given article and paper might be relevant for you as well….

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