Content Time Management in WordPress is important topic if you are producing content on regular basis.

Basically, you might want to control a content on your web site in a specific way. In example, you might want to show some content only on weekends or only within a specific time frame.

Furthermore, you might want to do something called “content dripping”. This is a concept where parts of the content are dripped on a web page in different time periods.

However, WordPress does not have a very good support for content time management. Firstly, lets take a look at the basic options. You can decide to “Save as draft” or “Publish” page right away. Secondly, you can decide to “Publish in future” but these are all of the options.

If you want to show some parts of your page on specific dates this is not covered by WordPress. You might need something like this if you are having e-commerce web site. For example, you might want to show some special offers or coupons on a specific dates.

WPChrono is a pet project (simple WordPress plugin) which enables Content Time Management within a WordPress site, with usage of predefined shortcodes. This plugin is WPML compatible and available for free within WordPress plugin repository.

More details about this project can be found here.