Content Time Management with WP Chrono. We have just published a new version of #WordPress #plugin called WPChrono

This is a small plugin which enables you to control content of your WordPress post in time (a.k.a. Content Dripping). 

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WordPress already has a fantastic mechanism for publishing pages in future. 
You can define a future date/time for a post from the post edit panel just above the publish button. After this publish button will be changed into Schedule button.  Your post will be saved for future publishing, post_type field will be set by ‘future‘ instead of ‘publish‘ .

This is fantastic option for publishing whole pages in future, but what happens if you want to publish some parts of the WordPress page in future?

For example, if you have page with several elements:

  • paragraph #1
  • paragraph #2
  • image
  • paragraph #3
  • voucher for your product (free or 50{8015e10338b3a7119e9a1b6a564b57a55d510a5647d857f8adbeaa4fee8e5a8d} discount)

In some cases you might want to have paragraph #1, image and free voucher to appear from 1st of December since 1st of January. After that, you might want to show paragraph #2 with combination of 50{8015e10338b3a7119e9a1b6a564b57a55d510a5647d857f8adbeaa4fee8e5a8d} voucher.

You might do something like this manually, which would take lots of time if you are managing multiple pages and you would have to do it in the exact time. On the other hand, by installing WP Chrono and using a simple shortcodes you could make predefined changes, which would apply on a specific time.

Content Time Management

WP Chrono enables you to include CTM (Content Time Management) in your WordPress pages by using simple set of predefined (already programmed and tested) shortcodes.

When should you checkout this plugin?

  • Firstly, if you are the owner of e-commerce service which changes offers (descriptions, prices) depending on time.
  • Secondly, if you want to make some parts of your page visible in specific time periods.
  • Furthermore, if you need a simple countdown timer which provides some content afterwards.
  • Finally, if you are a plugin developer who would like to see a simple Object Oriented implementation of a WordPress plugin.

You can download and give this plugin a try here: ?

Complete source code can be found here:

WP Chrono is free, open source project. Feel free to use it in any appropriate way.

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Do you need simple CTM Content Time Management tool ?

WP Chrono provides you with predefined shortcodes for accomplishing various tasks related to controling WordPress content.

If you want to show current time anywhere on your site, or  show certain parts of your posts/pages on specific dates, or  show certain parts of your posts/pages on specific date ranges, or create IF-ELSE rules for displaying your content, related to specific date, or even create a lightweight countdown timer (plain JavaScript) with template support, you can accomplish it easily with this lightweight plugin.

>> Get WP Chrono on WordPress plugin repository

>> Check out WPChrono source code on GitHub repository

>> You are not alone… WPChrono support forum

Do you want to print our current date within your posts and pages ?

You are wondering how to insert a current date time into your WordPress post or page? You are creating online document which needs date/time but in a specific format?

With our November 3rd, 2018 shortcode you can do it easily. ?

Do you need to provide users with content (i.e. Coupon Codes) only on specific time and date ?

Simply create your coupon codes and use our wpch-ifdate shortcode to provide your users with coupon codes only on specific dates.

Also, if you want to sell different products (or same products with different prices) you can use our 

Do you want to create Content Dripping on your web pages using nothing but shortcodes ?

You can combine   shortcode with   and [[else]] shortcodes to get a quick and simple content dripping within same page. This will provide your users with content delivered in specific days. Also, it might have a good affect on your SEO since you are providing updates on your page (which you already defined by our shortcodes).

Additionally, check this quick tutorial on how to cleanup your WordPress header.