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PHP and Java projects with complete source code

Firstly, thank you all for comments and ideas related to my revamped blog. Some of you asked me about PHP and Java projects with code samples which I had on my old blog. I have moved these code samples to git repositories while ago.

Therefore, I will use this post to point to the repositories where these PHP and Java code examples can be found.

PHP and Java projects

Currently, there are several PHP and JAVA projects which I made public in a previous period of time. You can find each one of them described below, with links to code and documentation. Hope you will find this useful! Enjoy!

lumen and JWT
AuthMicroservice in PHP

AuthMicroservice in PHP

This is boilerplate project for authentication and authorization microservice based on Lumen and JWT.

AuthMicroservice handles authentication and authorization for users. The service provides the following functionality as API endpoints:

  • Authenticate a user (with a password), create a session and return a session token (should be a JWT token)
  • Validate a session token
  • Close a session
  • Retrieve permissions for a user + session combination
  • Grant and revoke permissions for users
  • Authorize endpoint that responds to “can user X execute action Y”
  • Retrieve permissions for a user + session combination
  • Grant and revoke permissions for users
  • Authorize endpoint that responds to “can user X execute action Y”

You can find a complete code here. Moreover, you can find a complete documentation about this project here.

wp chrono
WP Chrono pugin

WP Chrono, WordPress plugin

Firstly, WPChrono was a pet project, where I wanted to create a WordPress plugin. Furthermore I wanted to write this plugin properly.

Secondly, I wanted to code WordPress plugin in object oriented way.

Finally, I wanted to make this plugin WPML compatible.

You can find complete source code of WP Chrono plugin here. This plugin is part of a WordPress repository as well.

If you want to use WordPress with Docker, there is a repository for Docker WordPress configuration file, which I use in my development.

Java programming
Java programming

Object Oriented programming in Java, course and code examples

While ago, I was a trainer for group of 20 people who wanted to learn Object Oriented Programming in Java. For this occasion I made 50+ code examples in Java. These examples cover:

  • Basic Java concepts (variables, selections, cycles)
  • Object Oriented concepts (classes, objects, inheritance, etc.)
  • Arrays and Java Collections (other data structures in Java)
  • Exceptions handling
  • Debugging
  • Serialization and sorted maps

You can find complete source code of the Object Oriented programming in Java course here.

Internet Programming in Java
Internet Programming in Java

Course – Internet Programming in Java, course and code examples

This is a 20-example course for Internet Programming in Java.

Firstly, functional examples which explain Servlets and JSP are covered by this course. JSF framework is covered by this course as well.

You can find complete source code for the Internet Programming in Java course here.

Further reading

If you are generally interested in coding, read more about code review (a.k.a. pull requests) process.

Finally, if you would like to get connected with Graz PHP community, check out this post.

One last thing, if you like my blog posts, I would appreciate if you write a comment or share them. I would like to reach people who would find these code samples helpful. Thanks!

5 thoughts on “PHP and Java projects with complete source code”
  1. Hi Milan, thanks for sharing this! I have sent you several comments on blog and subscribed as well. Keep up the good work…

    1. Hey Jason, thanks you for feedback, I really appreciate it. 🙂 I have received comments, I like the idea about Forum, but that will have to wait. Other idea related to PHP Meetup community is cool, will see what I can do.

  2. Thanks for sharing Milan! AuthMicroservice looks fantastic, especially with JWT token used. Why have you decided to go with Lumen instead of some Java based framework?

    1. Hey Pavle, yes, that was actually a project requirement. We wanted to build a backbone for AuthMicroservice app which can be reused. PHP was required environment. Initial idea was to use full Laravel, but then we decided to try Lumen.

      Actually, development was very fast, core was created in several days, JWT support was quite good.

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