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How to speedup WordPress website under 0.8 seconds

How to speedup WordPress website under 0.8s?

How to speedup WordPress website? This is commonly asked question, with lots of different approaches and various experiences. A few months ago I have reactivated my personal blog. Yes, the one you are reading right now. I am trying to write high quality technical articles. However, I also want to make my web site technically […]

How to cleanup WordPress header and gain speed

How to cleanup WordPress header is one of the common questions people ask when they start optimizing their WordPress sites. Constantly investing time to speed up your WordPress and keep everything clean will have big benefits to your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Furthermore, it will make look and feel of your site better and keep […]

Content time management in WordPress

Content Time Management in WordPress

Content Time Management in WordPress is important topic if you are producing content on regular basis. Basically, you might want to control a content on your web site in a specific way. In example, you might want to show some content only on weekends or only within a specific time frame. Furthermore, you might want […]

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WordPress and WPML multilanguage

WordPress and WPML multilanguage: While ago I had very interesting conversation with Joe Lobo from the WPML team. We had a short interview/conversation about creation of multilingual web sites in WordPress. Lately I had a several different inquiries about multilingual web sites from several friends who are project managers or product owners. Therefore I have […]

Optimize WordPress database with WPML in 7 steps

Why is it important to optimize WordPress database with WPML? When we are considering e-commerce services, things with database size and web site speed gets very complicated. Very quickly we end up in handling large number of products, revisions of products, multiple number of images, comments etc. These are only only some of the elements […]