Before you start with boosting your WordPress visits with Twitter, check if your WordPress header is optimized for best performance.

Have you ever wondered how some people got all those engagements on their web sites, blogs, etc.? I bet you see all those bloggers becoming super successful in gathering audience for their work. Yet again you simply don`t know where to start. We have some cool ideas for you.

One of the most popular ways for boosting your WordPress web sites on social media is Twitter.

Of course, now you think how it is pretty impossible for you to find your place on that platform.

Furthermore  if you have good content, only sky is the limit. These few tips we have for you proved to be very efficient for us, so now it`s all up to you 🙂

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Consistency is probably the key to the successful use of social media promotion

If you want to gain visits and Boosting your WordPress visits with Twitter, you need to be ready to update your social media accounts daily. No one wants to open your account, and to see that your latest post was written 3 months ago. That shows how tardy and unprofessional you are.

But be careful, you don`t want to spam your future clients. Never post more than 5 tweets per day.

You should try to write short but catchy tweets which will point to your WordPress site.

Some studies showed that shorter tweets get higher interaction rate.

Also, you need to be consistent when it comes to following people.

You need to show interest in other people`s work, especially if it is connected with yours.

 Using #hashtags is a great way to spread your word.

With just that one symbol, your ideas and opinions can go viral. If you want to promote your WordPress site, usage of hashtags in your tweets is recommended, because the more visibility your tweets get, you will receive more clicks on your links.

 Retweet option is an amazing way to share someone else`s content and to show your followers that you agree with them.

Also, ask for a retweet when you tweet a link back to your blog post. That will help you get more traffic to your WordPress web site. You can do that just by adding “RT” at the end of your tweets.

Boosting your WordPress visits with Twitter – Adding photographs to your tweets make your tweets more interesting.

 A picture is worth a thousand words so instead of writing about your new blog post and explaining it, you can find  a photo which is funny and related to your post, and tweet it along with a link of your new WordPress content, which you want to promote. Getting visual is important, because Twitter isn`t  a text-only platform, although many people see it that way.

Writing your Twitter bio may seem at first like an easy and not that important task, but you could not be more wrong.

          Your Twitter bio can be essential for someone to decide whether or not he/she will start following you and your work.  You need to tell your business story with just few words. It should contain:

  • your profession (main fields of interests)
  • a link to your WordPress web site or maybe even to your latest post.
  • some indications of your personality should also be included, do not run from humor.

You can see on the picture on the right, what are the things a nice Twitter bio should contain.

Don`t forget to update your bio every now and then so that the visitors of your profile could always be in step with your work.

 Promoted tweet is an excellent option that Twitter provides us. 

For a small amount of money (usually the price varies from 0.50-2.00$ per engagement)  your tweets can be spread to your target market. This is a kind of an advertisement, because your tweets will show in other users` feeds. They will be showed to those users who wouldn`t usually get it, so it is a great way for driving traffic to your WordPress page.

 Hiring someone to be your social media manager is a very smart approach

If you have your WordPress site and you do your researches and write the content on it, the last thing you need to worry about is all your social networks. A social media manager is a person who will do that part of the job instead of you. Promoting your content isn`t an easy job so it is better to have an experienced marketer, who knows how to handle all those business activities in online social media.

If you haven`t tried any of these methods yet, feel free to use them and give us your feedback on what has and what hasn`t worked for you 🙂