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Senior PHP Engineer and Enterprise Architect at apilayer GmbH. Topics of interest: Software development, PHP, Java, Python, REST API, OpenApi, MySQL, Microservices, Integrations, Interfaces, Interoperability, Processes, Solution Architecture, LDAP, Azure

REST API tutorial – What is API? REST vs RESTful?

rest api tutorial what is api rest vs restfull

REST is one common approach related to building web applications. It is one important term that all web application developers should understand. This is the main goal of this REST API tutorial. Furthermore, a good understanding of what is REST can be beneficial for other stakeholders as well. Introduction to the REST API This article…

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Token based authentication and authorization with OAuth

authentication token

Open Authorization is commonly known as OAuth. This is an open standard for token based authentication and authorization on the internet. OAuth provides a way for third party services to use user related data without user password. Also, OAuth means additional security for user account. Let’s make things more simple. What if there would be…

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